Once Upon A Cafe Hopping Sunday

Singapore has one of the most vibrant cafe cultures in the world. We love our coffee, especially if it’s served in creatively-designed, pretty places. As a result, there are countless cafes around the island.

The irresistible charm of quaint hipster cafes has not escaped the notice of the local blogging community. Burple, Lady iron Chef and Daniel’s Food Diary are some popular blogs that review restaurants and cafes across Singapore.

My friend Sanjana and I being avid coffee enthusiasts, decided to shortlist three such cafes and share our own experience at each.

Here’s what we thought.

Yellow Cup Coffee


True to it’s name, most things in here are yellow: the cups, some of the furniture, the lighting. But not in a way that is blinding to the eyes. In fact, it gives off a youthful cheer to the place. As the owner Hans explained to us later, the idea was to remind people of happiness and sunshine. Their tag line is sweet and simple: Happiness in a Cup.

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Hidden away in a far corner in Tanjong Pagar, Yellow Cup is a perfect getaway to read a book or just get some me-time. The music playing in the background is soft on the ears and seems right out of a feel good Spotify Playlist.

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Currently, all their coffee come from Single-Origin Guatemala beans. The secret behind the distinct flavours lies in the S$35000 magic machine that Hans purchased a few years back. The beverage menu has some interesting choices. They offer the regular Macchiatos and Lattes for those who prefer to stay traditional. We felt like experimenting, so we got a  Hawaiian and a Rose latte.

The Hawaiian latte has been designed to capture the essence of Hawaii in a single cup. We were curious to know what a marriage of Hazelnut, Coconut and Macadamia nut would taste like. We could sense the coconut instantly, followed by an immediate realisation of Hazelnut. We liked it.

The Rose latte was also unique. We loved how they sprinkled rose petals on the surface. The second you sip it, it tastes like bandung or rose syrup. And the moment after you are hit with a bitter aftertaste of the Arabica. Not our regular choice, but this one we’ll remember for a while.

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Yellow Cup Coffee

Address: 36 Beach Road, 189677


Contact: (+65) 9633 1695

The Symmetry 

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We knew we were at The Symmetry when we saw these cute macabre dolls staring back at us. A homophone in this context is pretty understandable; one wouldn’t want to name their cafe The Cemetery.

From the outside it isn’t much of a spectacle, so we didn’t walk in with high hopes. But one look at the interiors and we knew we were mistaken. It was like traveling back in time; there was this 80s retro vibe to it.

It was late afternoon and we were parched, so we decided to go for a Toffee Nut Mocha Latte. We couldn’t really taste the toffee, but the hazelnut and the chocolate syrup managed to blend in perfectly well with the coffee.


The Symmetry

Address: 9 Jalan Kubor, #01-01, 199206


Contact: (+65) 6291 9901

Nylon Coffee Roasters


We had heard a lot about Nylon Coffee Roasters, but to be honest we weren’t all that thrilled with our own experience. For starters, it’s hard to get there. Located in a HDB housing area in Tanjong Pagar, it might be convenient enough only for residents of that area. The exteriors were so understated that we didn’t realise that we had arrived.

But it isn’t half as bad from the inside. They have this whole minimalist-potpourri decor going on, and it’s pleasant on the eyes. If you are looking for an artsy place to relax without the risk of bumping into people you know, this is the place.

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We decided to end our day with a classic Kagumoini, an authentic Kenyan brew with currants, prunes and cane sugar. One sip and you could taste the dominance of prune. We had never tasted anything like this before. It wasn’t exactly our thing, to be honest. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be yours. The taste just seemed very subjective; you either like it or you don’t.


Nylon Coffee Roasters

Address: 4 Everton Park, #01-40, 080004


Contact: (+65) 6330 2330


Author: Swarnima Korde

Professionally, I work in Talent Acquisition and Sales. Born and brought up in Goa and Delhi, I got an Engineering degree from NTU, Singapore. In the two years that followed, I worked two jobs in manufacturing, tried to start my own company and finally settled at Talent Acquisition. I'd like to believe that it was the love of connecting with and understanding people that led me to choose the profession that I have today. And it's also why I started this blog.

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