Espresso Conversations is a blog dedicated to people. People from all walks of life, doing things a tad bit differently. These are stories you want to read about. Not because they are inspiring in an unattainable sort of way. But because they precisely aren’t.

These are simple people like most of us. They are are not supremely advantaged or disadvantaged in any way. They are no Malalas or Musks or Zuckerbergs. Neither have they had to survive against all odds to get here, nor do they have million-dollar venture capital funds.

These are people you meet and interact with everyday. People who think like us and talk like us. But people who happen to be living differently than the rest of us. What made them do it? What’s going on in their head?

Let’s talk to these people. Let’s get inside their head and live their stories. Let’s see how the seemingly unthinkable is achieved.

Come aboard and join me on this exciting journey.

Love and Hugs,


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