The Worst Day Of My Life

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Life has tossed me into some truly alarming situations, examples of which include losing my passport in a foreign land and being stranded in stormy ocean waters. But yesterday 10th July 2020 surpassed them all. So why am I choosing to tell you a story of (more) horror and (more) suffering, when the last thing the world needs right now is another sob story? Well that’s because it’s not all bad, and ends reasonably well. This story is one of combatting and conquering personal turmoil, fighting inner (and outer) demons, and rising from the ashes unscathed. Okay perhaps a little bruised, but you get the drift. Enjoy the saga~

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What I learnt from Dorie Clark’s Body Language for Women

A few weeks back, I watched all 29 minutes and 44 seconds of Dorie Clark’s Body language for Women on LinkedIn Learning. One of my main motivations in choosing this particular course out of all available was its duration and seeming complexity (rather, lack thereof). It was a Tuesday night, I was tired from work, but I just wanted to learn something; anything that would add more value to my personality and I could feel great about afterwards. This was the best fit — it was short and doable. Plus I’d get a certificate in the end, which suited my vanity well. And after all, how mentally taxing could it possibly be to process a course on body language and behaviour, of all things? So I decided to give it a shot.

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7 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt Over The Years

However corny it may sound, it really boils down to the basics. Love more openly, laugh whole-heartedly, stay curious, poop out the negativity and keep forgiving yourself

With 2019 coming to an end, I was all set to write a memo on what I’ve learnt this year. But then I met a friend who reminded me of the quote, “People Tend To Overestimate What Can Be Done In One Year And To Underestimate What Can Be Done In Five Or Ten Years”. Soon, I found myself scurrying down a rabbit-hole of memories that’d been lying untouched for a while now. Analysing and understanding moments that stayed, thinking about what they taught me. To my surprise, the quote held true and I realised just how much had I’d changed and evolved over time. The following observations are one person’s account of how the world works for her. But of what I’ve observed of people, I thought some of these might resonate with you too:

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